Gugu Yalanji Songman Jungaji Releases New Single ‘River Girl’

Gugu Yalanji Songman Jungaji Releases New Single 'River Girl'

Gugu Yalanji artist Jungaji has unveiled his latest single, ‘River Girl,’ a captivating blend of harmonies and storytelling that evolves into a rock’n’roll jam infused with outback Motown vibes. The song, termed “wilegundamal” in Gugu Yalanji, translates to “heaven on earth,” capturing the essence of the track’s ethereal beauty. Gugu Yalanji Songman Jungaji Releases New Single ‘River Girl’

Gugu Yalanji Songman Jungaji Releases New Single 'River Girl'

Recently gracing the stage at the Port Fairy Folk Festival and sharing the spotlight on the Archie Roach stage, Jungaji and his band are now gearing up for a sold-out performance at the Princess Theatre in Brisbane this Saturday, where they will be supporting Songs From The Canyon, with additional shows to follow.

“‘River Girl’ celebrates matrimony, companionship, and being as one with your soul mate,” Jungaji expressed. “There was so much healing and positive vibes in creating the record because when I think of a river I imagine beautiful running mountain water and when you immerse yourself in all its healing power, it’s a feeling of being alive.”

The song is an ode to love, acknowledging the importance of partners and soulmates, set against the visual beauty of the land. It reflects Jungaji’s deep admiration for women in society, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the same rivers that inspired this timeless piece, evoking a joyful response.

Produced by Cody McWaters, an ARIA Award winner known for his work with various artists such as King Stingray, The Chats, Selfish Sons, Osaka Punch, and Rewiggled, ‘River Girl’ was recorded at Hunting Ground Studios in Meanjin (Brisbane).

Tickets for Jungaji’s upcoming show at Mt. Nebo Hall, west of Meanjin, are available now. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of ‘River Girl’ and immerse yourself in Jungaji’s soulful melodies and heartfelt storytelling.

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