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NICC aims to encompass all aspects of the indigenous culture, from the community to the country.

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An art gallery with rotating exhibitions of Indigenous artists from across Australia.

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The National Indigenous Cultural Centre

Each purchase you make plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission. By choosing our products, you contribute to the growth of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economy while simultaneously generating employment opportunities.

NICC was established to help promote Australia’s Indigenous culture.

The National Indigenous Cultural Centre works with The Walkabout Australia Foundation: = NICC is all about developing, enabling, connecting, communicating – Indigenous culture: online.

Walkabout Australia aims to build local Indigenous culture, bush tucker, fashion, art, craft, dance and our 7D Cinema at participating Royal and Regional shows (AND at other local / regional events, festivals, fates, parties, celebrations… and raise funds for the National Indigenous Cultural Centre primary education Indigenous language programs.

IF you want to learn more about NICC and the primary education Indigenous language programs / plans = please contact us via email or telephone.

IF you are keen to help us develop and deliver NICC’s primary education Indigenous language programs (or can help Walkabout in any other way – please do not hesitate to contact.

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About NICC
Our Culture

The National Indigenous Cultural Centre is responsible for ensuring our digital connectivity. NICC serves as your digital indigenous connection, serving as our digital portal. NICC will enable you to learn and connect with the community.

The core objective of the National Indigenous Cultural Centre is to safeguard and showcase Indigenous culture throughout Australia. The envisioned center aims to create a culturally inclusive environment, meticulously crafted to provide both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous visitors with authentic immersive encounters of Indigenous heritage.

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