Helen Kaminski Launches First Nations Collaboration with Bábbarra Women’s Centre

Helen Kaminski Launches First Nations Collaboration with Bábbarra Women's Centre

Renowned Australian accessories and apparel brand, Helen Kaminski, has unveiled its latest collection in collaboration with the Bábbarra Women’s Centre, a First Nations art center based in remote Arnhem Land. Facilitated by Indigenous Fashion Projects (IFP), this partnership marks a significant step towards reconciliation and celebrates artisanal craftsmanship. Helen Kaminski Launches First Nations Collaboration with Bábbarra Women’s Centre

The collaboration aims to support Aboriginal women in the Maningrida community and surrounding homelands by providing opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Through this initiative, local women can develop and manage enterprises centered around their traditional arts and crafts.

Helen Kaminski’s designer, Phoebe Hyles, and master craftsman, Garry Bishop, traveled to Arnhem Land to meet with artists from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre. The visit allowed them to immerse themselves in the artists’ stories and gain insights into their creative process.

Janet Kalidjan Marawarr and Elizabeth Kodjdjan Wullunmingu, two artists from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre, collaborated with Helen Kaminski on this project. Their ancestral stories and intricate designs inspired a limited-edition collection of hats and visors, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Janet Marawarr’s artwork, Kunred Kunkurra, depicts the ancestral story of spiraling winds and underground lightning in Mankorlod, her clan estate in West Arnhem Land. Elizabeth Wullunmingu’s artwork, Dakarra, tells the story of a unique species of cockle shell and the fishing lifestyle of her people.

Each piece in the collection features hand-printed fabrics crafted by artisans in Sri Lanka, where the designs are transformed into bucket hats, wide-brim hats, and visors using hand-braided raffia from Madagascar.

The collaboration not only provides artists with a commercial platform but also fosters cultural exchange and learning. By partnering with the Bábbarra Women’s Centre, Helen Kaminski aims to expand awareness of First Nations culture, design, and storytelling.

The launch of this unique collection represents a significant milestone in Helen Kaminski’s ongoing commitment to supporting indigenous communities and promoting cultural diversity in the fashion industry.

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