Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

Set to feature a two-day celebration of First Nations arts, music, food, and culture, the Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival will be returning to Minjerribah on August 30-31 for its first full-scale event since 2022. Following its iteration at last year’s Wynnum Fringe, the much-loved festival is predicted to draw a significant crowd with its 2024 return. Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

The multi-artform festival offers a special opportunity for patrons to experience the rich and continuing culture of the Nughi, Nunukul, and Goenpul clans of Quandamooka firsthand. As an annual winter festival, it will begin with a Traditional Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country, celebrating the yalingila (whale) migration season. Attendees can look forward to a diverse lineup of cultural activities, including tours, Kunjiel (corroborees), music performances, food, weaving, arts, crafts, panel discussions, First Nations films, and more.

The festival is part of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation’s (QYAC’s) arts and culture strategic plan, Mara Millen Yagabili (many hands create), delivering on priorities that build on the native title outcomes to support a strong future for the Quandamooka People. “Quandamooka Festival is a great opportunity to bring the whole community and visitors together to celebrate culture and the arts, and learn more about Quandamooka Country; the sands, seas, sacred lakes, creeks, catchments, and creatures found across the Redlands/Moreton Bay islands from the Quandamooka Peoples’ perspective,” said QYAC chair, Cameron Costello.

Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

Headlining Performances and Cultural Highlights

First Nations artist Jem Cassar-Daley will headline the Friday night music program with her four-piece band. A proud Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung woman, Cassar-Daley is fresh off winning the QMA 2024 Song Of The Year with “King of Disappointment,” earning the prestigious title of NIMA New Talent of the Year in 2022, and QMA Indigenous Artist of the Year in 2022. “Being a part of Quandamooka Festival this year is particularly special for me and has been a dream of mine for a long time! Minjerribah is very close to my heart and holds so many wonderful memories for me,” said Cassar-Daley. “I am most looking forward to learning the traditional ways of the Nughi, Nunukul, and Goenpul clans and embracing a weekend of music, arts, and culture with you all.”

Celebrated artist Uncle Joe Geia and Quandamooka musician Sachem are also scheduled to perform and feature at the festival. “The Quandamooka Festival is one of the most vibrant cultural events, music performances, and art. It is through song, dance, and art that our culture is kept alive. It is one of my favourite festivals to play at, as I’ve had a strong connection with Minjerribah for many years,” said Uncle Joe Geia. “Set against the beauty of Minjerribah, the Quandamooka Festival, for me, is an inspiring place to play and share my music – and the Joe Geia Band has been sharing our music every year since 2016, with a fantastic response. Looking forward to catching up with fellow musicians and old friends once again.”

The festival’s Saturday program will see the return of the Kunjiel (corroboree/traditional dance) programming, with traditional dance groups attending and sharing cultural dance with locals and visitors. 2024 festival attendees will also be the first to experience the Quandamooka Film Festival, featuring films made by local creatives, emulating a drive-in movie experience that blends cultural celebration with cinematic storytelling.

Quandamooka Music & Cultural Festival Returns to Minjerribah in 2024

Festival Details and Registration

Quandamooka Festival is a free-entry, mandatory registration event held at QYAC campus Minjerribah Gunaba, 100 East Coast Road. Festival gates open at 4pm on Friday, August 30, 2024. Ticket registration opens on Tuesday, July 9, at quandamookafestival.com.au. All registrations go in the running for travel and accommodation prizes for Quandamooka Festival 2024. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and arts of the Quandamooka People.

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