Djarragun College Builds First Nations Boarding Facility Focused on Culture and Wellbeing

Djarragun College Builds First Nations Boarding Facility Focused on Culture and Wellbeing

Djarragun College, a leading First Nations-owned school in Queensland, is proud to announce the construction of its first co-designed boarding house specifically designed for Indigenous students. This project, a collaboration between the college, students, families, Elders, and key education bodies, marks a significant step forward in providing culturally immersive and supportive living arrangements for First Nations students. Djarragun College Builds First Nations Boarding Facility Focused on Culture and Wellbeing

A Holistic Approach to Education

Djarragun College, catering to up to 400 students, emphasizes a holistic learning environment that integrates cultural identity with academic achievement. Executive Principal Dr. Michael Barton acknowledges the challenges faced by Indigenous students from remote communities: “Many come with complex challenges… living in a new setting far from family and culture.”

Designed for Wellbeing

The new boarding house aims to address these challenges by providing a more comfortable and culturally connected living space. Moving away from traditional shared dormitories, the design features individual rooms with more privacy, dedicated social zones, and ample green space. “The families and students will see elements of their Country in the space,” explains Dr. Barton.

Partnerships for Progress

Djarragun College is grateful for the support of project partners like the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC), who have invested over $2 million in this initial phase. Cape York Partnership CEO Fiona Jose emphasizes the importance of culturally appropriate environments: “This new living environment… is the level of cultural comfort our students need.”

Education: A Pathway to Opportunity

ILSC Chief Operating Officer Matthew Salmon highlights the project’s transformative potential: “Education provides opportunity… The Djarragun College expansion will open the door of opportunity to more students to gain access to high-quality education.” He further emphasizes ILSC’s commitment to empowering Indigenous Australians: “The ILSC strives to open the door of opportunity… and we do this by strategically partnering… to achieve positive outcomes.”

This first phase represents the beginning of a larger vision for Djarragun College. Future plans include a new administration building, hospitality training facilities, and an additional shed, all slated for construction in 2025. Djarragun College’s expansion ensures a brighter future for First Nations students by prioritizing cultural connection, academic excellence, and overall wellbeing.

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