Talkin’ It Up: A New Podcast Bringing AFL Stories to Life

Talkin’ It Up: A New Podcast Bringing AFL Stories to Life

A new podcast, Talkin’ It Up, is making waves in the AFL industry by creating a safe space for people to share their unique and inspiring life stories. Hosted by Warumungu/Yawuru woman, Megan ‘Megzy’ Waters, and Minang and Yingaarda man, and former AFL footballer, Andrew Krakouer, this show combines the broadcast flair and natural storytelling the duo perfected on their successful show, Yokayi Footy. Talkin’ It Up offers a more celebratory and expansive exploration of Indigenous culture, amplifying voices connected to societal issues. Talkin’ It Up: A New Podcast Bringing AFL Stories to Life

Talkin’ It Up: A New Podcast Bringing AFL Stories to Life

“The main intention [of Talkin’ It Up] is to kind of get to know the players and the people that we’re interviewing on a little bit more of a deeper level,” Waters shared with National Indigenous Times.

Waters noted that while Yokayi Footy provided an amazing platform, its format allowed only short interview segments. Talkin’ It Up, however, allows for deeper dives into the personal stories of guests, revealing what makes them tick outside of football and what they are passionate about.

Talkin’ It Up: A New Podcast Bringing AFL Stories to Life

“For First Nations people, it’s like you’re sitting in harmony, you’re listening in on a conversation with just a couple of your friends. It’s really casual. It’s funny, it’s from the heart and the good thing is they’re relatively short, digestible episodes,” Waters explained.

Deep Conversations with AFL Stars

One such conversation is with St Kilda player Liam Henry, who shared his experiences growing up in Fitzroy Crossing and living on and off Country. Waters emphasized the importance of these extended conversations, which offer a richer, more nuanced understanding of the guests’ lives and backgrounds.

“He’s from Fitzroy Crossing, he grew up on Country,” Waters said. “And for half an hour, we’re literally talking about what it was like growing up, what it was like living on Country now, what it’s like living off Country.”

The podcast’s format often leads to serious and challenging discussions, but it also showcases Waters’ humility and gentle nature. A poignant example is her conversation with VFLW player and founder of the social advocacy enterprise ‘Waangkiny,’ Courtney Ugle. Ugle’s story, marked by the tragedy of her mother’s murder, is filled with bravery and hope. Waters’ empathetic interviewing style allows Ugle’s strength and resilience to shine through.

Inspirational Stories Beyond Football

While Talkin’ It Up often features AFL players, it also welcomes guests from related fields. Noongar woman and soon-to-retire Matildas goalkeeper, Lydia Williams, recently appeared on the show. Waters highlighted the importance of featuring figures like Williams, who, despite her status as a prominent athlete, shares a deep connection with her community and Indigenous culture.

“We’re really intrigued by the footy adjacent sort of people, which is why we had somebody like Lydia Williams come on,” Waters said. “It just felt really relevant, hugging her, and, given her status as an athlete [and] being one of the longest-serving Matildas…but knowing that she’s a normal woman and really passionate about community and our mob…[it’s] just a bit more of a deep dive into getting to know the people that we love and watch all weekend on the telly.”

A Must-Listen for All

In an industry often obsessed with statistics and minute game details, Talkin’ It Up is a revelation. It brings a human side to the AFL that is rarely seen on television. Whether you are a footy fan or not, this podcast is a must-listen, offering profound insights and inspiring stories that resonate with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous listeners alike.

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