Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu’s Bäru Gurtha Illuminates Melbourne’s Bourke Street 3DA Billboard

Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu's Bäru Gurtha Illuminates Melbourne's Bourke Street 3DA Billboard

A new digital artwork by Gumatj artist and filmmaker, Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu, from The Mulka Project in North East Arnhem Land, has begun showing on Melbourne’s Bourke Street 3DA billboard. This groundbreaking display marks a significant moment for Indigenous art in public spaces. Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu’s Bäru Gurtha Illuminates Melbourne’s Bourke Street 3DA Billboard

Bäru Gurtha Premiere

Commencing on Monday, Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu’s artwork Bäru Gurtha premiered at 5:30pm on oOh!media’s Bourke Street billboard for a special 25-minute showing. The new partnership between the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) and oOh!media will see the two-minute artwork appear on the billboard every hour from 3-9 June, reaching nearly 100,000 pedestrians daily.

A Deep Connection Through Art

Born deaf, Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu uses his clan’s designs, totems, and Yolŋu sign language to convey deep cultural connections. As a Gumatj clan member, Yunupiŋu honours the Ancestral Crocodile, Bäru, and the Ancestral Fire, Gurtha, in his work. This digital artwork depicts the moment Bäru first carried Gurtha from Maḏarrpa clan land to his Gumatj homeland of Birany’birany.

Making Art Accessible

NGA Director, Dr. Nick Mitzevich, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We are passionate about taking art beyond the walls of the Gallery, and our partnership with oOh!media is a great example of finding new platforms to share art with the public. The Mulka Project is a dynamic collective of artists who work with cutting-edge digital technologies, and Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu has created an exciting new work about his culture that takes full advantage of the 3DA full motion site.”

Innovation Meets Tradition

The Bourke Street billboard, one of oOh!media’s full-motion 3D anamorphic sites, is the largest outdoor animated screen in Australia. This is the first time an Indigenous artist’s work will feature on a 3DA site, bringing First Nations art to a busy public space and capturing the attention of commuters and passersby.

oOh!media’s head of creative, Josh Gurgiel, shared his excitement, saying, “It’s an honour for our teams to work together to bring Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu’s powerful artwork out of the gallery and into such a prominent public space on our premium ‘The Bourke’ site. This collaboration highlights the innovative possibilities of digital art and 3D Anamorphic technology. We’re thrilled to provide a platform that connects cultural heritage and storytelling of Australia’s First peoples with modern technology, engaging audiences in a truly unique way.”

A Continuing Tradition of Public Art

Bäru Gurtha follows the NGA’s previous partnership with oOh!media, which presented the Know My Name outdoor art event in February 2020. This initiative, part of the NGA’s gender equity program, featured works by 45 Australian women artists from the national collection on around 3000 static and digital billboards nationally, reaching more than 12 million people.

Experience Bäru Gurtha

The artwork will be displayed every hour from 3-9 June, offering a unique opportunity for the public to engage with this powerful piece of Indigenous art. Be sure to visit Bourke Street to witness this spectacular blend of traditional storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

Event Details:

📍 Location: Bourke Street, Melbourne
📅 Dates: 3-9 June
🕒 Showings: Every hour, daily

For more information, visit National Gallery of Australia and oOh!media.

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