Kobie Dee Releases Empowering Track “Warriors & Storytellers” with Striking Music Video

Kobie Dee Releases Empowering Track "Warriors & Storytellers" with Striking Music Video

Gomeroi rapper Kobie Dee is back with his latest track, “Warriors & Storytellers,” a captivating blend of arpeggiated trumpet and trap hip-hop beats that delves into his personal journey and triumphs. Kobie Dee Releases Empowering Track “Warriors & Storytellers” with Striking Music Video

In the song, Kobie Dee reflects on his successes, including earning a gold plaque for his 2019 single “Jody” and starting a family. The lyrics paint a picture of growth and resilience:

“I just had me a good year
And I doubled up on my funds
Got a gold plaque on my wall now
Sh*t, I take it all as it comes
I just put a ring on my girl now cause i been knowing she the one
And we just had us a son
New times have only begun
I told you all we ain’t done”

The gold plaque symbolizes the success of “Jody,” which has shipped over 35,000 copies. Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video featuring a boxing motif and a coming-of-age narrative, adding depth to the song’s themes.

Through “Warriors & Storytellers,” Kobie Dee champions the values of hard work and unity, emphasizing their role in shaping his life’s journey. He describes the track as a victory lap, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

“This track for me is like a victory lap – the end of a journey and the start of a new chapter,” he said. “In this track, I highlight the year where a lot has changed for the better and where a lot of hard work has paid off.”

In addition to his latest release, Kobie Dee has achieved significant milestones in recent times. His previous track, “Statistic,” sheds light on systemic issues affecting Aboriginal communities, showcasing his commitment to addressing important social issues through his music.

Kobie Dee’s presence in the hip-hop realm has been solidified through various platforms. He recently featured as a guest on the podcast “Take Flight,” delivering impactful verses during his Sky Session. His stage presence has also been notable at esteemed venues and events such as the Yabun Festival, Yo MTV Raps, Sydney Festival, and notably, the Sydney Opera House as part of Briggs’ Bad Apples House Party for Vivid LIVE 2019.

With “Warriors & Storytellers,” Kobie Dee continues to make waves in the Australian music scene, captivating audiences with his powerful lyrics and dynamic sound.

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