Western Australia’s Indigenous Arts and Culture Flourish with $3 Million in Funding

Western Australia's Indigenous Arts and Culture Flourish with $3 Million in Funding

Western Australia’s Indigenous arts and culture scene received a significant boost with the announcement of $3 million in funding grants from the state government. These grants, part of a larger funding pool, aim to support and nurture the growth of the arts sector, particularly Indigenous artists and organizations. Western Australia’s Indigenous Arts and Culture Flourish with $3 Million in Funding

The funding allocation follows the success of the state’s Perth Festival, which focused on Noongar culture over the past five years under artistic director Iain Grandage. With a growing demand for authentic First Nations cultural experiences, the government has earmarked a quarter of the $1.8 million allocated to 29 organizations for Indigenous arts bodies.

Individual performers and groups, including musicians, visual artists, designers, and performing artists, will also benefit from the $1.3 million allocated across various streams, enabling them to bring their projects and events to life.

Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman emphasized the importance of funding for the sector, highlighting the diverse range of creative endeavors and events that recipients will undertake. He urged the public to support these projects once they come to fruition.

This funding injection is particularly crucial for Western Australia’s arts sector, which has faced challenges in recovering from COVID-19 lockdowns and lacks the extensive private sponsorship seen in other parts of the country.

Among the recipients of the latest grants are renowned Indigenous musicians Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse. They received funding for a residency and performance at the 2024 Llais Festival in Cardiff, which will include workshops with linguistically diverse young people, connecting culture and language through music.

The grants also support projects like the Gutharraguda Kaju Katka (Skywalk) bush tucker project, a multi-art form project in Roebourne, and an exhibition celebrating Western Australian string craft artists and practices.

These initiatives align with ongoing efforts to celebrate and continue the evolution of Indigenous culture, as demonstrated by the Perth Festival’s Noongar-themed programs.

The announcement of the funding comes at a crucial time for the WA arts sector, which continues to rebound from the impacts of the pandemic and faces ongoing challenges.

Applications for the next funding round are open until May 30, 2024, providing opportunities for individuals and groups to access support for their creative projects. More information can be found online.

Latest Recipients of Arts Project Grants:

  • Van der heyden, Christy – Gutharraguda Kaju Katka (Skywalk), TEXTILES FROM THE PARK – $79,982
  • Big hART Inc – Punkaliyarra Creative Development – $75,000
  • Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University – String Craft: Bilum + Dilly Bags – $53,100
  • Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC – Moorditj Koominyoo Dit Koorl (Strong Community Together) – $78,000
  • Jindahood Pty Ltd – Follow the Sun – $40,000
  • Wanjoo Pty Ltd – Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse Llais Festival (Cardiff) Residency – $31,241
  • Warlayirti Artists Aboriginal Corporation Inc – Annual Program of Events and Outreach – $79,921
  • Woodfordia Inc – Off the Beaten Track – $57,585

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