Ayers Rock Resort Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Indigenous Australian High Tea and Sunrise Journeys in Uluru

Ayers Rock Resort in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre is marking its 40th anniversary with a series of special events that honor Indigenous art and culinary traditions. The resort is introducing new experiences such as a sunrise art show and an Australian native high tea, showcasing the unique cultural heritage of the region.

Sunrise Journeys: A Collaborative Indigenous Art Experience

To celebrate its milestone, Ayers Rock Resort has launched Sunrise Journeys, a collaboration between Anangu musician and composer Jeremy Whiskey and three Anangu artists: Selina Kulitja (Maruku Arts), Denise Brady (Kaltukatjara Art), and Valerie Brumby (Walkatjara Art). Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia CEO Matt Cameron-Smith expressed deep gratitude for the partnership with these talented artists.

Cameron-Smith noted that Voyages has long been dedicated to promoting responsible tourism and working with purpose. Sunrise Journeys, which began on August 1, offers a 2.5-hour immersive experience that includes return coach transfers, breakfast, and hot drinks. Guests can enjoy the artistic journey at sunrise, experiencing the beauty and serenity of Uluru as it is brought to life through the artists’ work.

Indulge in Australian Native High Tea

After experiencing Sunrise Journeys, visitors can continue their day with a delightful Australian Native High Tea in the afternoon. The resort offers a curated selection of handmade sweet and savory bites, along with fine tea, coffee, and Australian sparkling wine. The high tea features native ingredients sourced from Central Australia and across the country, providing a culinary experience that highlights Australia’s rich heritage.

Ayers Rock Resort’s celebration of its 40th anniversary is a tribute to the local culture and history of the region. By offering these unique Indigenous-inspired experiences, the resort continues to be a leader in responsible tourism and cultural engagement, providing guests with unforgettable experiences in the heart of Australia.

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