Janty Blair: From Bumble Date to Comedy Stardom

Janty Blair: From Bumble Date to Comedy Stardom

In the world of stand-up comedy, beginnings can be as unexpected as they are fortuitous. For Janty Blair, a Butchulla, Mununjhali, and Woppaburra woman, her journey into the comedic spotlight started with an unlikely catalyst—a bumble date in Byron Bay. Janty Blair: From Bumble Date to Comedy Stardom

Janty Blair: From Bumble Date to Comedy Stardom

Reflecting on that fateful night, Blair recalls being the lone Indigenous presence in the audience, sparking a realization of the underrepresentation of women of color in comedy. Fuelled by this revelation, she embarked on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery and comedic exploration.

Within days of her bumble date debacle, Blair found herself on stage, testing her comedic chops for the first time. Despite the nerves, the audience’s warm reception spurred her onward, propelling her into a frenzy of comedy courses, open mic nights, and competitive heats.

In less than two months, Blair clinched victory at the Deadly Funny Grand Final, a testament to her natural talent and unwavering dedication to the craft. Her success, however, wasn’t achieved in isolation. Drawing inspiration from seasoned comedians like Kevin Kropinyeri, Blair honed her skills, refining her stage presence and comedic timing.

But Blair’s comedy isn’t just about eliciting laughs; it’s a platform for storytelling and cultural expression. Drawing from her experiences as a healthcare worker and First Nations woman, she infuses her sets with refreshing perspectives on dating, identity, and societal norms.

Navigating the predominantly white and male comedy scene, Blair acknowledges the strides made towards inclusivity while advocating for further representation. As a proud member of the Aboriginal Comedy AllStars, she champions diversity on stage, calling for increased opportunities for Indigenous voices in comedy festivals like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).

Looking ahead, Blair envisions a future filled with laughter and community engagement. Beyond the spotlight, she seeks to empower Indigenous women through workshops and storytelling initiatives, fostering a new generation of comedic talent.

For Blair, the journey is just beginning, with each punchline marking a step forward in her mission to amplify Indigenous voices and narratives on the global stage.

Catch Janty Blair at the MICF as part of the Aboriginal Comedy AllStars on April 13th and 14th, and witness comedy history in the making.

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