2024 Pacific Netball Series Kicks Off with Thrilling Clash Between First Nations Black Swans and Tonga

2024 Pacific Netball Series Kicks Off with Thrilling Clash Between First Nations Black Swans and Tonga

The 2024 Pacific Netball Series commenced on Monday with a highly anticipated match between the First Nations Black Swans and Tonga at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena. This fourth edition of the event, organised by PacificAus Sports and hosted by Netball Australia, is generously funded by the Australian Government, which has recently extended its partnership with Netball Australia to bolster netball development in the Pacific region. 2024 Pacific Netball Series Kicks Off with Thrilling Clash Between First Nations Black Swans and Tonga

Tonga Seeks Fourth Consecutive Win

Tonga entered the series with a formidable reputation, seeking their fourth consecutive series win. They narrowly triumphed over Samoa in the semi-finals and defeated Fiji in the final last year, showcasing their dominance in the sport. As they faced off against the Black Swans, who were playing together as a team for the first time, expectations were high.

A Close Contest

The match proved to be a closely contested battle, with Tonga maintaining a slight lead throughout the game. Despite the Black Swans’ valiant efforts, Tonga emerged victorious with a final score of 62-50. This victory reinforces Tonga’s position as a top-tier team, currently ranked eighth in the world.

Black Swans’ Debut

The game marked the debut of the Black Swans as a team, making their performance even more noteworthy. Gamilaroi woman and Black Swans team captain, Tegan Holland, expressed immense pride in her team’s efforts against such a formidable opponent.

“Today we were given the opportunity to verse a quality team like Tonga, ranked eighth in the world, and it was our first game together,” Holland said. “I’m very proud of the girls and excited to see what’s ahead on and off the court this week.”

Building Team Connection

Looking ahead, Holland emphasized the importance of team bonding and cultural activities in addition to their on-court strategies. “This week for us is really about connecting on and off the court,” she said. “As much as we’re planning to smash it out on court, we’re also doing a lot of cultural stuff off the court which has been really important.”

Upcoming Matches

The Black Swans will face Singapore on Tuesday, and with four more matches scheduled this week, they are eager to continue building their team dynamics and showcasing their skills.

About the Pacific Netball Series

The 2024 Pacific Netball Series, running from June 10-15, features teams from Fiji, Namibia, Samoa, Singapore, Tonga, and the First Nations Black Swans. This event provides a platform for high-level competition and cultural exchange, furthering the development of netball across the Pacific.

Free Entry

Netball enthusiasts are encouraged to attend the matches at Nissan Arena, with entry being free for all spectators. This initiative aims to promote the sport and engage the community in supporting their teams.

Don’t miss out on the exciting matches and the opportunity to witness the rising talents of Pacific netball in action!

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