The Brushstrokes of Tradition: A Family United in Art

The Brushstrokes of Tradition: A Family United in Art

A landmark exhibition has opened in Sydney, showcasing the artistic legacy of a remarkable First Nations family. “The Brushstrokes of Tradition” brings together the works of acclaimed artist Kelly Taylor and her talented daughters, T’keyah Ware and Kelilah Taylor-Ware. This is the first time the trio will be exhibiting together, with Kelilah making her artistic debut alongside her mother and sister. The Brushstrokes of Tradition: A Family United in Art

Running until August 30th, the exhibition coincides with the 2024 NAIDOC Week theme, “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud.” The vibrant display celebrates the Taylor family’s dedication to preserving their heritage through generations of artistic expression.

Artistic Inspiration Rooted in Family and Tradition

Kelly Taylor is a renowned artist whose captivating works draw inspiration from her life on Country. Her art delves into personal narratives shaped by traditional practices of hunting and gathering alongside her family. This deep connection to her land and culture serves as a powerful foundation for her artistic voice.

Following closely in their mother’s footsteps, T’keyah and Kelilah have emerged as successful artists in their own right. Inspired by watching Kelly paint from a young age, they have honed their unique styles under her patient guidance. Their artwork explores the rich tapestry of their family’s ancestral journeys, particularly the influence of their great-grandmother, Millie Taylor.

A Shared Passion: A Legacy Passed On

Both T’keyah and Kelilah have found success selling their art on Bluethumb, Australia’s leading online art platform. Kelly credits her “Nana Millie” as the driving force behind her own artistic journey.

“She always encouraged me to paint, ever since I was 11 years old,” Kelly shared with National Indigenous Times. “The best part of collaborating with my daughters is the opportunity to bond and share ideas while we create.”

Motivated by a desire to share their stories with the world, Kelly hopes their “art journey” will “touch hearts across the globe.” Her vision extends beyond this exhibition, with plans to open a dedicated gallery and storefront showcasing their artistic creations.

A Dream Realized: Strengthening Bonds Through Art

For T’keyah, collaborating with her family is “a real dream come true.”

“Working together strengthens our bonds with one another and with our culture, which is truly the most rewarding part of this experience,” she explains. “Through my art, I hope to educate people about our stories and demonstrate the strength and beauty of our heritage.”

Adding to the heartwarming narrative, Kelilah highlights the importance of family time within their artistic collaboration. “Working with my sister and mother has brought us closer than ever,” she says. “We never forget to prioritize family time, even amidst the creative process.”

“The Brushstrokes of Tradition” offers a unique opportunity to witness a powerful artistic lineage unfold. This captivating exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary Indigenous art, cultural preservation, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

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