New First Nations-Owned Facility Empowers Women on Path to Recovery

New First Nations-Owned Facility Empowers Women on Path to Recovery

A brand new $9 million transition facility on Darkinjung Country in New South Wales is set to make a significant impact on the lives of Indigenous women recovering from addiction. This First Nations-owned initiative will provide crucial support as they reintegrate into their communities. New First Nations-Owned Facility Empowers Women on Path to Recovery

Safe Haven and Support Services

Located in Wyong, the new facility can house 40 Indigenous and non-Indigenous women each year who are transitioning from residential programs at The Glen for Women Rehabilitation Centre. It offers a safe and secure environment where women can access essential services like job-skills training, employment opportunities, and social support.

Culturally Centric Approach

The Glen Group, overseeing the facility, emphasizes a holistic approach centered on Indigenous culture. Daily engagement with cultural practices like dance, education, traditional cooking, and storytelling is woven into the program. This focus on cultural identity and ancestral connection aims to foster a sense of belonging and empower the women on their journeys.

Learning from Experience

The program also provides opportunities for participants to connect with Elders and Indigenous staff who have overcome addiction themselves. Their shared experiences and guidance offer valuable insights and inspiration for the women in recovery.

Building on Success

The Glen for Women program, established in 2022 and modeled after the group’s existing men’s program, has already seen success with 145 women completing their rehabilitation journeys. The new transition facility is a crucial next step, offering a bridge between the program and independent life.

Community Need Met

The creation of this facility is a direct response to a need identified by a female community advisory committee in 2018. The importance of this safe space and the holistic services provided cannot be overstated. Former residents who spoke at the opening ceremony shared stories of hope and empowerment gained through the program.

Investing in the Future

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) played a key role in acquiring the property with a $2.7 million investment. ILSC Chair Ian Hamm emphasizes the importance of holistic healthcare services for Indigenous Australians, particularly those facing challenges. He commends The Glen Group’s commitment to cultural identity and the well-being of vulnerable individuals.

A Brighter Future

The Glen Group chairperson, Cheryl Bailey, expressed gratitude for the ILSC’s support, acknowledging how it will empower women to thrive beyond the 12-week program. This new facility represents a significant step forward, offering culturally-grounded support and a brighter future for Indigenous women on the path to recovery.

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