Marr Koodjal: Celebrating First Nations Art and Culture at Raine Square

Raine Square in Perth will host Marr Koodjal, a seven-week celebration showcasing First Nations art and artists, aligning with National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week 2024. This immersive experience offers a unique opportunity for the local community to engage with the rich history and traditions of Indigenous peoples. Marr Koodjal: Celebrating First Nations Art and Culture at Raine Square

Marr Koodjal: Celebrating First Nations Art and Culture at Raine Square

Running from Monday, May 27 to Sunday, July 14, Marr Koodjal will feature a packed schedule of events including weaving workshops, fashion shows, art exhibitions, musical performances, storytelling sessions, and a pop-up market in the heart of Boorloo (Perth).

Celebrating with Renowned Artists

The event will highlight the talents of renowned First Nations artists such as:

  • Sandra Egan, Whadjuk Noongar Elder, known for her weaving skills.
  • Julianne Wade, a talented visual artist.
  • Jarni McGuire, a contemporary artist and designer.
  • Lilly Gogos, a musician, among others.

Event Themes

The themes for the 2024 celebrations, “Now More Than Ever” and “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud, and Proud,” emphasize the importance of celebrating the strength and vibrancy of First Nations culture while striving for reconciliation in Australia.

Kickoff Events

The festivities will kick off on Monday, May 27 with a variety of events including:

  • Unity Art Show
  • Spin to Learn: An interactive installation
  • Gnamma (Waterholes): A digital art show
  • Koomba Koolangka (Big Kids) Program: Blak, Loud & Proud
  • Exclusive Preview of Writing WA’s ‘What is an Elder?’
  • The Short Story Interactive First Nation Stories
  • Evolution of Storytelling: A collection of artworks of the six totems

Continuing Celebrations

On Tuesday, the celebration will continue with events such as:

  • Artist in Residence: Weaving process pop-up with Sandra Egan
  • Kirrikin in the City: First Nations fashion collections
  • Indoor/Outdoor Gallery: Exhibition of local First Nations artists
  • Live & Loud: Awe-inspiring musical performance
  • Market Pop-up: Shop a curated collection of First Nations art

Engaging the Community

Samantha Mills, Raine Square’s Marketing and Place Manager, expressed the significance of this celebration, stating, “Raine Square is honoured to present a seven-week celebration filled with immersive art activations for the community to deepen their knowledge of one of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth.”

Full Calendar of Events

For those interested in participating, the full calendar of events is available here.

Join us at Raine Square for Marr Koodjal, an enriching celebration of First Nations art, culture, and heritage, where you can experience the vibrant and dynamic contributions of Indigenous artists and storytellers.

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