Cultural Celebration: Broncos Launch Indigenous Round in the Heart of Brisbane

Cultural Celebration Welcoming Tradition: A Traditional Smoking Ceremony

In a symbolic embrace of Indigenous culture, the Brisbane Broncos kicked off their Indigenous Round festivities with a traditional smoking ceremony. As guests arrived at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) forecourt, they were greeted by the ancient ritual, setting the tone for the evening’s celebration.

Vibrant Performances: Tribal Welcome and Torres Strait Islander Dance Groups

The atmosphere came alive with the rhythmic beats and vibrant movements of the Tribal Welcome and Wagga Torres Strait Islander Dance Groups. Their captivating performances honored the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations peoples and added an extra layer of significance to the event.

Hosted with Pride: Marlee Silva Guides the Evening

Channel Nine’s Marlee Silva, a proud Gamilaroi and Dunghutti woman, took the reins as the host for the evening. With her infectious energy and deep connection to Indigenous culture, Silva led the proceedings with grace and pride, ensuring that the event was a true reflection of Indigenous identity and spirit.

Celebrating Connections: Broncos’ Commitment to First Nations Peoples

The Broncos have long been committed to supporting and empowering First Nations peoples, both on and off the field. From their playing groups to their partnership with Deadly Choices and Beyond the Broncos programs, the club has fostered strong ties within Indigenous communities and continues to champion their cause.

Empowering Futures: Beyond the Broncos Alumni Share Success Stories

One shining example of the Broncos’ impact is Beyond the Broncos alumni Cooper Ford, whose life was transformed by the program. Graduating in 2018, Ford now works in the club’s Community Programs Department, crediting the program with breaking the cycle and giving her a bright future she once thought was out of reach.

Leadership Acknowledged: CEO Dave Donaghy’s Vision for Inclusion

Broncos CEO Dave Donaghy expressed his pride in the club’s efforts to promote inclusion and diversity. He emphasized the importance of providing role models and mentors for young Indigenous Australians and highlighted the invaluable contributions of First Nations athletes to the team.

Artistic Inspiration: Delvene Cockatoo-Collins’ Indigenous Jersey Design

The unveiling of the 2024 Indigenous jersey, titled “Ancestor’s Armour,” was a highlight of the evening. Designed by Quandamooka artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, the jersey pays homage to Indigenous heritage and showcases the unique artistic talent of First Nations peoples.

Government Support: Deputy Premier Cameron Dick in Attendance

The event also garnered support from the government, with Deputy Premier Cameron Dick in attendance. His presence underscored the significance of the Broncos’ Indigenous Round and highlighted the broader community’s commitment to reconciliation and cultural celebration.

Unveiling Tradition: Broncos Reveal 2024 Indigenous Jersey

The Broncos took pride in unveiling this year’s Indigenous jersey, which reflects the club’s ongoing dedication to honoring Indigenous culture and heritage. Displayed alongside the players’ boots, which were painted by students from Beyond the Broncos, the jersey represents a powerful symbol of unity and respect.

Exciting Game Ahead: Broncos vs. Titans at Suncorp Stadium

As the evening drew to a close, anticipation mounted for the upcoming clash between the Broncos and the Titans at Suncorp Stadium. The Indigenous Round promised to be a memorable occasion, filled with excitement, pride, and celebration of Indigenous culture.

Honoring Traditions: Gift Exchanges and Historic Additions

Before kick-off, the Broncos continued their tradition of gift exchanges, with a historic addition kept under wraps until game day. This gesture of respect and reciprocity honored Indigenous customs and added a meaningful touch to the Indigenous Round festivities.a

Towards Reconciliation: Broncos’ 4th Reconciliation Action Plan

Looking ahead, the Broncos are poised to launch their 4th Reconciliation Action Plan, furthering their commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous empowerment. As they continue to forge partnerships and initiatives, the club remains steadfast in its mission to create positive change and build a more inclusive society.

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