Darwin Buffaloes Secure Long-Awaited Home Base with $6.5M Government Pledge

Darwin Buffaloes Secure Long-Awaited Home Base with $6.5M Government Pledge

One of the Northern Territory Football League’s oldest clubs, the Darwin Buffaloes, has secured a long-awaited home base following a multi-million-dollar pledge by the Northern Territory Government. Announced this week as part of the 2024/25 budget, the government has committed $6.5 million to develop Woodroffe Oval in Palmerston, establishing a new home for the Buffaloes. Darwin Buffaloes Secure Long-Awaited Home Base with $6.5M Government Pledge

Brenda Atkinson, the Darwin Buffaloes’ president and one of just two Indigenous female NTFL presidents, expressed her excitement for the club’s future. “We’re thrilled with the announcement – as a grassroots, volunteer-run organisation, this funding secures the long-term sustainability for future generations,” Atkinson said. The Buffaloes, who boast around 80 percent Indigenous players, are the third oldest club in the NTFL, with roots dating back to 1917.

The project has also received a $250,000 commitment from AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT), emphasizing the community impact of the development. AFLNT stated that the project would benefit Palmerston’s 35,000 residents and significantly enhance local football participation.

Palmerston, a suburban city near Darwin, currently hosts two NTFL clubs, and the addition of the Buffaloes is expected to further enrich the community. Sam Gibson, Head of AFLNT, welcomed the budget commitment, noting the importance of sporting clubs to community fabric and the necessity of developing more ovals across the Top End due to the 60% participation growth in the NTFL since 2021.

Despite some debate over the relocation from Darwin’s northern suburbs, the club reassured supporters that it would retain its name, colors, and traditions. The move aims to ensure the long-term viability of the club and provide future generations with the opportunity to thrive in the sport. The Darwin Buffaloes look forward to continuing their proud history and contributing to the Palmerston community with a new home ground at Woodroffe Oval.

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