From Industry Event to National Shelves: The Success Story of Nathan Dureau and Banyar Jagun

From Industry Event to National Shelves: The Success Story of Nathan Dureau and Banyar Jagun

When proud Wiradjuri man Nathan Dureau pitched his business idea at an industry event, he never imagined his products would be on the shelves of a major retailer just 18 months later. As the chief executive and co-founder of Banyar Jagun, an eco-friendly cleaning products company, Dureau’s journey from a modest start to national recognition is nothing short of inspirational. From Industry Event to National Shelves: The Success Story of Nathan Dureau and Banyar Jagun

The Humble Pitch that Changed Everything

Dureau’s big break came at a Supply Nation event a couple of years ago. Without the funds for a booth, he and his team donned their branded shirts and took a direct approach, sharing their story with a Woolworths representative.

“We had no booths because we couldn’t even afford a booth – so we just put the shirts on and told Woolworths our story,” Dureau told National Indigenous Times. “I told them what we were doing, and the guy loved it. One thing led to another, and they pretty much became our first decent client to make some inroads with.”

A Breakthrough Partnership

The appeal of Banyar Jagun’s plant-based, biodegradable, and pollutant-free cleaning products was immediate. Woolworths soon stocked their products in 144 stores across Australia. This initial success led to an even more significant opportunity: Woolworths requested a new range of eco-friendly cleaning products, expanding their partnership to 977 stores nationwide.

“We got in with the room sprays and linen sprays which is a different category to what our normal products are so when the opportunity came up with a spot, we had a crack at making some,” Dureau explained. “So, we are partnering with Woolies to use one of the room sprays and another fruiter one as well, so we’ve got two products there now.”

Overcoming Challenges and Learning Lessons

Nathan Dureau, a former coal miner, co-founded Banyar Jagun with his wife Jules in 2021. The company was gaining momentum when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, presenting unforeseen challenges. However, Dureau embraced the difficulties as learning opportunities.

“COVID taught me everything,” he said. “It taught me about who every supplier in the country making bottles was – who makes this and who makes that. That was the best learning curve, but it was super tough because everyone ran out of bottles and the whole country just stopped. So, we navigated the hard way through that and learning who people were and what people were about.”

Future Expansion and Innovation

Looking ahead, Banyar Jagun plans to expand its product range, with exciting developments in the pipeline. Dureau mentioned they are working on new products, including face serums using native oils and potentially face moisturizers and sunscreen.

“We are working on some cool face serums, using some native oil for face moisturizers and sunscreen later on down the track,” he said. “It’s one thing to get into their (Woolworths), but the learning curve is to get it off the shelf, which is the important part of why people are going to pick you over the big brands that are spending a million bucks a month on marketing.”

Positive Customer Feedback

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Dureau emphasized that once people use Banyar Jagun’s products, they love them. The safety and eco-friendliness of the products resonate particularly well with families.

“Once people use it, they love it,” he said. “A lot of people have families these days, so it gives them confidence to spray it around their kids. We’ve done the testing, we’ve proven it’s safe, so it’s been good feedback.”

A Bright Future

Nathan Dureau’s journey from pitching at an industry event to becoming a notable name on Woolworths shelves is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and eco-conscious business practices. With future expansions and ongoing customer support, Banyar Jagun is set to continue its upward trajectory, making a significant impact in the eco-friendly products market.

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