FestPAC 2024: Celebrating Pacific First Nations Culture in Hawaiʻi

FestPAC 2024: Celebrating Pacific First Nations Culture in Hawaiʻi

As Eurovision captures the world’s attention, the spotlight will soon shift to the Pacific for FestPAC 2024 in Hawaiʻi, the largest cultural gathering of First Nations People from the region. After two delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 28 nations will come together in June to celebrate the arts of First Nations communities and honor the survival of their cultures. FestPAC 2024: Celebrating Pacific First Nations Culture in Hawaiʻi

Australia will participate in the festivities with a delegation representing the nation after an eight-year hiatus. Franchesca Cubillo, Creative Australia’s Executive Director of First Nations Arts & Culture, emphasized the importance of showcasing the richness and diversity of First Nations art and cultural practices at this global gathering.

FestPAC 2024: Celebrating Pacific First Nations Culture in Hawaiʻi

The event provides a unique opportunity for collaboration, encompassing live performances, cultural workshops, fashion, film, and storytelling. Adrian Collette AM, CEO of Creative Australia, highlighted the festival’s role in fostering mutual learning and sharing among nations.

Delegations will address the theme of ‘Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania,’ focusing on pressing issues such as rising sea levels, coral reef threats, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Systems, and social inequality. Stacy Kealohalani Ferreira, CEO at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, emphasized that FestPAC is not just a cultural display but also a strategic platform for discussing and addressing the existential threats facing the Pacific.

Australian delegates participating in the event include performers, artists, and cultural organizations from various states and territories. Among them are the Arpaka Dance Company, Carclew Youth Arts, First Nations Art Centre Delegates, Indigenous Fashion Show Delegates, Injalak Arts and Crafts, Jannawi Dance Clan, and many more.

For the first time in its history, FestPAC will incorporate a Youth Ambassadors program, with Rulla Kelly-Mansell and Siena Mayutu Wurmarri Stubbs representing Australia.

Scheduled to take place in Hawaiʻi from 6-16 June 2024, FestPAC promises to highlight the importance of Indigenous rights and provide a platform for Pacific Islanders to share their stories and advocate for self-determination.

For more information on the Australian delegation, visit the Creative Australia website.

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