Australian Indigenous Artist Bart Willoughby Receives Recognition

Australian Indigenous musician Bart Willoughby has been awarded the 2024 Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music, joining a prestigious list of honorees in the music industry. Willoughby likened the accolade to winning the lottery and expressed his delight at being part of this significant recognition.

The Beginnings of Willoughby’s Musical Journey
Willoughby was the lead singer and drummer of the pioneering band “No Fixed Address,” the first Aboriginal band to secure a recording contract, tour internationally, and appear on Countdown. The band introduced reggae and rock music while also composing songs about contemporary politics and the experiences of Aboriginal people.

Iconic Song and Lasting Impact
His song “We Have Survived” with its powerful lyrics about the struggles of Indigenous people in a Western world became an anthem for many, influencing subsequent bands like Yothu Yindi and the Warumpi Band.

Personal Experience Influences Artistic Creativity
Willoughby was born in Ceduna, South Australia, and was part of the Stolen Generations, taken from his family when he was just a child. Despite this challenging start, he managed to transform his painful experiences into artistic creativity. He began writing songs that reflected reality, evoking emotions and spreading joy.

Future Dreams and Opportunities
Willoughby dreams of recording his work in renowned studios like Tuff Gong in Kingston or Abbey Road in London. The Ted Albert Award opens up new opportunities to further his career.

Renewed Appreciation for Indigenous Australian Music
It is hoped that this recognition will shed light on the early works of “No Fixed Address,” enhancing appreciation for Indigenous Australian music and encouraging the discovery of more of this rich artistic genre.

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