Revealed 2024 Exhibition: Showcasing Emerging Aboriginal Art in Western Australia

The annual Revealed Exhibition returns to Fremantle Arts Centre this year in collaboration with the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of Western Australia (AACHWA). This dynamic event highlights the diversity, talent, and passion of emerging Aboriginal artists in Western Australia, offering a comprehensive exploration of contemporary Aboriginal art practices in the region.

Broad Representation of Emerging Artists In 2024, the exhibition features 42 emerging artists making their debut in the Revealed Exhibition, marking the highest number of new artists since its inception. The exhibition opens on Thursday, May 9th, and presents an impressive range of artistic practices and mediums. Visitors can expect to see works in painting, silk printing, photography, animation, glass sculpture, and linocut techniques. Each artwork tells a unique story of the artist’s connection to their land, culture, and regional life.

Extensive Exhibition The Revealed Exhibition features over 150 artworks from around 70 artists representing 27 Aboriginal art centers in Western Australia and 12 independent artists. This extensive representation provides a comprehensive view of the rich artistic traditions and innovations in the Aboriginal art scene in Western Australia.

Anticipated Aboriginal Art Market One of the exhibition’s highlights is the Western Australian Aboriginal Art Market, held on Saturday, May 11th. The market includes over 30 stalls from art centers and artists across Western Australia, providing visitors with the opportunity to purchase original art ethically, with profits directly benefiting participating artists and art centers. In addition to the market, visitors can enjoy artist talks in the galleries and a variety of food and coffee stalls.

An Unmissable Experience The Revealed Exhibition and art market offer a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to engage with the vibrant Aboriginal art scene in Western Australia. The exhibition runs until Sunday, August 4th, with free entry to all events at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty and creativity of emerging Aboriginal artists in Western Australia.

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