Futurity Investment Group Announces $300,000 Grant to Indigenous Education Foundation, Yalari Ltd.

Futurity Investment Group Announces $300,000 Grant to Indigenous Education Foundation, Yalari Ltd.

Rural and remote First Nations students received a significant funding boost as the Futurity Investment Group announced a $300,000 grant to the Indigenous education foundation, Yalari Ltd. Futurity Investment Group Announces $300,000 Grant to Indigenous Education Foundation, Yalari Ltd.

Founded in 2005 by Waverley Stanley and Llew Mullins, Yalari has provided educational opportunities to over 750 Indigenous children from more than 130 communities. This three-year funding commitment, unveiled on Wednesday, will enable Yalari to expand its support for Aboriginal students pursuing secondary and university education.

Currently, 248 students benefit from the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship, covering boarding and tuition costs. With the new funding, two Indigenous students will have the opportunity to attend leading boarding schools, while three others will receive Pathways Scholarships for university education.

Waverley Stanley expressed gratitude for the partnership with Futurity, emphasizing their shared commitment to quality education as a catalyst for generational change. He sees this collaboration as instrumental in advancing Yalari’s vision to empower Indigenous youth from regional and remote Australia.

Futurity will not only support individual students but also contribute to Yalari’s Student Wellbeing Program, ensuring comprehensive pastoral, academic, and personal care for the entire cohort of 248 students.

Sam Sondhi, CEO of Futurity, underscored the importance of accessible and inclusive education for Australia’s long-term prosperity. He highlighted Futurity’s dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering educational pathways for all sectors of society.

Through its philanthropic arm, the Futurity Education Foundation, Futurity aims to champion student learning, wellbeing, and culturally relevant education. By partnering with Yalari, Futurity seeks to empower First Nations students, cultivate leadership, and build a lasting legacy of educational opportunity and social impact.

The collaboration between Futurity and Yalari represents a shared commitment to creating positive change and unlocking the potential of Indigenous youth across Australia.

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