Kmart Unveils New Homewares Co-Collaboration with Dharug and Darkinjung Artist Kyralee Shields

Kmart Unveils New Homewares Co-Collaboration with Dharug and Darkinjung Artist Kyralee Shields

Geelong, Victoria – In an exciting development for both art and interior design enthusiasts, Kmart has revealed its latest venture: a homewares co-collaboration with the talented Dharug and Darkinjung artist, Kyralee Shields. Celebrated for their modern range of homewares and interiors that consistently keep pace with fashion and trends, Kmart’s partnership with Shields brings forth a collection rich in cultural significance and contemporary style. Kmart Unveils New Homewares Co-Collaboration with Dharug and Darkinjung Artist Kyralee Shields

Kmart Unveils New Homewares Co-Collaboration with Dharug and Darkinjung Artist Kyralee Shields

Entitled ‘Tiltiled Mudyin Ngurrawa’, which translates to ‘Family on Country’ in Dharug, Shields’ new collection with Kmart is a testament to the harmonious fusion of traditional Indigenous art with modern home decor. Collaborating closely with Kmart’s Melbourne-based design team, Shields has lent her artistic prowess to curate a unique range of homewares that narrate the compelling story of Mudyin Ngurrawa.

This collaboration marks a natural progression of Kmart’s ongoing commitment to its First Nations program, further amplifying Indigenous voices and narratives within the realm of retail. The Mudyin Ngurrawa collection encompasses a diverse array of products, ranging from bedding and dining essentials to home decor accents and beyond, ensuring there’s something to complement every corner of the home.

Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Kyralee Shields shares, “Collaborating with Kmart is a dream come true. It’s allowed me to work with a brand I grew up with who provide quality, on-trend products that are accessible to a wide demographic. It has enabled me to share my art with a wider audience while working with a forward-thinking chain.”

For Kmart, this partnership holds profound significance in its mission to foster greater cultural inclusivity and appreciation. Trish Briggs, Kmart’s head of Community, expresses the brand’s commitment, stating, “At Kmart, we are constantly working towards being a trusted and credible partner of First Nations peoples. Our team is immensely proud of this partnership, as we hope to inspire and educate both our customers and our team members on the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and arts.”

The meticulous attention to detail in the design process ensures that each product in the Mudyin Ngurrawa collection is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also carries deep symbolic meaning. Kmart’s design team worked closely with Shields to grasp the significance of colors, markings, and motifs within her artwork, ensuring an authentic representation of her cultural heritage.

Kyralee Shields’ art is a profound reflection of her Indigenous roots and contemporary artistic sensibilities. Inspired by her family’s history and cultural legacy, Shields’ paintings embody a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, serving as a powerful testament to her identity and heritage.

The Kyralee X Kmart Mudyin Ngurrawa Collection is set to launch on April 4, 2024, and will be available both in-store and online via the Kmart App. With prices ranging from $5 to $29, this collection offers accessibility without compromising on style or cultural significance.

As Kmart continues to champion diversity and inclusion in retail, the collaboration with Kyralee Shields reaffirms the notion that Indigenous art can seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles, enriching homes with both beauty and meaning. Stay tuned for the official launch of this groundbreaking collection and experience the magic of Mudyin Ngurrawa brought to life in your own home.

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