Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: Kmart’s Latest Collaboration with Kyralee Shields

Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: Kmart's Latest Collaboration with Kyralee Shields

In a celebration of Indigenous art and culture, Australian retail giant Kmart unveils its latest collaboration with First Nations artist Kyralee Shields. Following the success of their previous collaboration with Indigenous artist Judith Young in 2023, Kmart continues its commitment to showcasing the vibrant heritage and stories of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: Kmart’s Latest Collaboration with Kyralee Shields

The new collection, aptly titled “Mudyin Ngurrawa,” which translates to ‘Family on Country’ in Dharug, features a range of homewares including bed linen, wall art, and home decor. Kyralee Shields, a Dharug and Darkinjung artist, infuses her artwork with elements representing her family’s traditional land and her profound connection to family and Country.

“My artworks are an expression of my identity, culture, spirituality, and relationship to Country,” says Shields, whose work reflects not only the beauty and resilience of her heritage but also acknowledges the trauma endured by her mother as part of the Stolen Generation.

Kmart’s collaboration with Shields exemplifies a thoughtful partnership, with the retailer’s locally-led design team in Melbourne working closely with the artist to ensure the authenticity and appropriateness of the products. Trish Briggs, Kmart’s Head of Community, emphasizes the company’s commitment to being a trusted partner of First Nations peoples, aiming to make Indigenous-designed products widely accessible while celebrating the talents and storytelling of Indigenous artists.

For Shields, collaborating with Kmart is a dream realized. “It’s allowed me to share my art with a wider audience while working with a forward-thinking chain,” she says. The partnership not only provides exposure to Indigenous culture and heritage but also highlights the importance of incorporating Indigenous art into contemporary styles accessible to all Australians.

Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: Kmart's Latest Collaboration with Kyralee Shields

From reversible quilt cover sets to enamel bowls, canvas art, fragrant candles, wooden serve bowls, mugs, and planters, the Mudyin Ngurrawa collection offers an array of products that seamlessly blend artistry with functionality. Each item serves as a testament to the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, inviting customers to not only adorn their homes but also to engage with and appreciate the stories behind the art.

As these captivating pieces grace Kmart’s shelves, they stand as more than just homewares; they are a celebration of heritage, a homage to resilience, and a bridge between cultures. Through collaborations like these, Kmart continues to play a pivotal role in promoting Indigenous art and culture, fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and unity within the Australian community.

The Mudyin Ngurrawa collection by Kyralee Shields is now available at Kmart stores nationwide, inviting customers to bring a piece of Indigenous artistry and storytelling into their homes.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are subject to change and availability. Check in-store or online for the latest updates.

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