Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: KayCo Opens its Doors in Jamestown

After two years of transformative work as part of the Creatives Rebuild New York grant, artist Kaycee Colburn is taking her passion for Indigenous culture and art to new heights with the opening of KayCo, an art and cultural center located at 20 W. Third St. in Jamestown. The center, which officially opened its doors in February, serves as a testament to Colburn’s dedication to bridging cultural divides and providing a platform for Indigenous voices. Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: KayCo Opens its Doors in Jamestown

Colburn’s journey began with the Creatives Rebuild New York grant, which placed her as an artist in residence at SUNY Jamestown Community College. Over the grant’s duration, Colburn’s work was diverse and impactful, ranging from hosting workshops on Seneca culture through beading and cornhusk doll-making to organizing community events aimed at raising awareness of Indigenous issues.

One of the standout moments during her residency was a flag-raising event with the City of Jamestown, which Colburn describes as a powerful symbol of healing and acceptance for her community, particularly her mother. The event not only brought awareness to Indigenous culture but also provided a sense of empowerment for those who have faced discrimination.

Reflecting on her experiences, Colburn emphasizes the importance of cultural representation and the need for change. Through her work, she aims to challenge stereotypes and create spaces where Indigenous identities can thrive and be celebrated.

The opening of KayCo marks a significant milestone in Colburn’s journey. The center features a dedicated room for her flag-raising event, a main gallery showcasing her digital artwork, and a space for exploring the paranormal, reflecting Colburn’s diverse interests and talents.

Celebrating Indigenous Art and Culture: KayCo Opens its Doors in Jamestown

For Jessica Kubiak, interim vice president of Academic Affairs at SUNY JCC, Colburn’s impact goes beyond her artistic endeavors. Kubiak acknowledges the importance of programs like the artist in residence initiative in providing opportunities for artists to explore and express their identities.

KayCo is not just a physical space but a hub for creativity, education, and community engagement. Colburn envisions the center as a place for hosting workshops, cultural events, and educational programs, inviting people of all backgrounds to participate and learn.

As KayCo continues to evolve, Colburn remains committed to her vision of fostering greater understanding and appreciation for Indigenous art and culture. With plans for scheduled events and a developing website, KayCo promises to be a dynamic and inclusive space for years to come.

KayCo is currently open from noon to 4 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 2 to 6 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month. For more information and updates, visit KayCo’s Facebook page and stay tuned for the launch of its official website.

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