First Nations artist Ethan James Kotiau announces solo exhibition at Kate Owen Gallery

First Nations artist Ethan James Kotiau announces solo exhibition at Kate Owen Gallery

Renowned for his boundary-pushing artistic vision, First Nations artist Ethan James Kotiau has art enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation as he prepares to unveil his inaugural solo exhibition at the prestigious Kate Owen Gallery. First Nations artist Ethan James Kotiau announces solo exhibition at Kate Owen Gallery

Entitled “Iningai,” Kotiau’s debut exhibition will showcase his evocative artwork at Kate Owen Gallery from April 13 to May 12, offering the public a captivating glimpse into his unique artistic perspective.

“Iningai” pays homage to the traditional custodians of the land in Central West Queensland, particularly in the region surrounding Longreach and the Thompson River Catchment, which holds deep ancestral significance for Kotiau.

Drawing inspiration from his homeland and ancestral heritage, Kotiau’s paintings intricately weave together elements of dot work, reflecting the vastness and strength of the land while honoring the enduring spirit of the Iningai people.

“I love the simplicity in a lot of the traditional Aboriginal art from the past. I keep that principle in my work. I like to keep it simple, not over complicate it. I think you see that in my paintings, they aren’t loud but subtle and discreet. However, once you look closer there’s more to them than meets the eye. That has been my experience of Aboriginal culture and our community growing up,” shared Kotiau.

A highlight of the exhibition is Kotiau’s new “Iningai – Marrangal” series, which pays homage to the warrior and hunter spirit of his ancestors. Oblong motifs within these paintings reference the nulla-nulla, with the shimmering quality of metallic paint serving as a nod to the stealth and prowess of the great hunter.

Despite his diverse ancestry and upbringing in Nambour, Queensland, Ethan Kotiau’s connection to his great grandfather’s Iningai Country remains a driving force behind his artistic expression. Through his art, he seeks to forge meaningful connections between viewers and the natural world, inviting them to explore the beauty and wisdom of Indigenous cultures.

Kate Owen Gallery, renowned for its commitment to showcasing contemporary Aboriginal art, provides an ideal platform for Kotiau’s debut solo exhibition. As one of Australia’s leading galleries specializing in Indigenous art, Kate Owen Gallery represents over 200 artists and boasts an extensive collection of artworks ranging from small, affordable pieces to large investment works.

The exhibition promises to captivate audiences with Kotiau’s masterful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a profound exploration of Aboriginal culture and its enduring connection to the land.

For art enthusiasts eager to experience Ethan James Kotiau’s mesmerizing artwork firsthand, “Iningai” will be on display at Kate Owen Gallery from April 13 to May 12, 2024.

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