Tribute to Tradition: Indigenous Pottery Collection by Robert Puruntatameri

Renowned Tiwi artist Robert Puruntatameri pays homage to his heritage through a collection of 16 linked pots, each a testament to his ancestral legacy. Crafted with reverence and skill, these vessels serve as a poignant reminder of his family’s artistic lineage and the enduring spirit of Tiwi culture. Tribute to Tradition: Indigenous Pottery Collection by Robert Puruntatameri

Inspired by his upbringing on Rangani, one of the Tiwi Islands, Robert infuses each pot with personal significance, reflecting the dances, names, and identities of his family and community. The Kirrilima jungle fowl dreaming and symbols of nature – from owls to barramundi – adorn the vessels, connecting them to the land and traditions that define Tiwi identity.

The collection holds particular significance as a tribute to Robert’s late father, Eddie Puruntatameri, a pioneering Tiwi potter whose legacy continues to influence Robert’s artistic journey. Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert has emerged as a skilled ceramicist, drawing on traditional techniques while infusing his work with contemporary flair.

Robert’s ceramics reflect a rich history shaped by the establishment of Australia’s oldest Indigenous studio pottery by his father. Deeply influenced by English ceramic pioneer Michael Cardew, Eddie Puruntatameri embraced wood-fired stoneware and handcrafted pottery, laying the foundation for Tiwi pottery traditions.

Despite facing adversity, including the tragic loss of his father and elder brother, Robert has persevered, honing his craft and garnering recognition for his artistic endeavors. His works have been featured in prestigious exhibitions and publications, cementing his status as a leading figure in Indigenous ceramics.

In a gesture of support for Robert’s health care needs, the collection is being offered for sale, with proceeds benefiting his well-being. This unique opportunity allows art enthusiasts to acquire pieces of historical significance while contributing to a noble cause.

The collection will be on display at the Art Atrium Gallery in Botany from 2:30 pm on Saturday, March 23rd. Don’t miss the chance to witness the legacy of Tiwi artistry firsthand and support a beloved artist in his time of need.

For more information, visit Art Atrium Gallery.

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