Waru – journey of the small turtle

An immersive new theater production is coming to Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio between the 15th – 19th of September. Waru – journey of the small turtle follows the journey of Migi, a young green turtle, as she navigates her way back towards the beach where she was born.

In Bangarra’s first dedicated work for children, join Migi as she undertakes a journey of discovery and survival. A contemporary saltwater Lagaw Kazil (Island Children) story inspired by the totemic system of the green turtle, Waru – journey of the small turtle is an interactive introduction to Torres Strait Islander culture making it an unmissable experience for families this Spring.

“Small voices and echoing hand movements filled the studio space as children and their adults were invited to be involved, and the silence in between was equally impressive.”
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, Jill Sykes, September 25, 2022

This unique production, directed by Stephen Page, provides teachers, parents and care-givers with a special opportunity to open up conversations about climate change, caring for the environment, and the traditional cultural values of respect and reciprocity.

The production will be presented as part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s year-round Families and Children Program. Tickets are selling fast but can be bought at this link.

Olivia Jozsa – 18 August 2023