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National Prize

Discover the Heart of Australia: An Eight-Day Glamping Adventure with Elders

Explore the Beauty of Alice to Uluru with the Wisdom of Elders (and indigenous chefs to boot…


Join us for an unforgettable eight-day glamping journey from Alice Springs to Uluru, immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Australia. This exclusive event brings together eight lucky participants with three esteemed elders, educators, and cooks, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the land and its stories.

Highlights of the Journey

  • Luxury Glamping Experience: Enjoy the comfort and beauty of luxury tents set in stunning locations.
  • Cultural Insights: Learn from our elders about the traditions, stories, and practices of Indigenous Australians.
  • Gourmet Bush Tucker: Delight in traditional and contemporary bush foods prepared by our skilled cooks.
  • Scenic Adventures: Explore key landmarks and hidden gems from Alice Springs to Uluru, including sacred sites and natural wonders.

Win a National Prize for Eight

We are thrilled to offer a national prize for eight people to join this extraordinary adventure. Travel, accommodation, and meals are all included, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for our guests.

Meet Our Elders and Educators

Our elders are the heart of this journey. They will guide you through ancient lands, sharing their profound knowledge and cultural heritage. Their stories and teachings will provide a deep connection to the places you visit.

Sponsored by Leading Brands

This event is proudly supported by our national sponsors who share our commitment to preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture. Their support helps us create an exceptional experience for all participants.

How to Participate

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