Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi Exhibition at NSW Parliament House

Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi Exhibition at NSW Parliament House

Striving to celebrate and spotlight the rich culture and artistic expression of Australia’s Gadigal people, New South Wales Parliament House’s new Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi – yuwing ngubadi exhibition has officially opened to the public. Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi Exhibition at NSW Parliament House

The exhibition features the works of Konstantina, a neo-contemporary Indigenous artist and proud Gadigal woman of the Eora Nation. The exhibition title, Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi – yuwing ngubadi, translates to “today, the Gadigal give you for no expected return, Gadi truth and love.”

Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi Exhibition at NSW Parliament House

This profound sentiment is reflected in the collection of artworks that highlight the deep connection between the Gadigal people, their culture, and their history.Artwork by Konstantina (Gadigal), 95,714, Polymer and Acrylic paint on linen, 200cm x 140cm. (Image: supplied)

The works of Gadigal artist Konstantina, whose full name is Kate Constantine, are deeply rooted in her passion for her language, culture, and the oral histories of her people, interwoven with her academic research.

“My arts practice is my act of storytelling and reclamation. It is highly detailed in both style and cultural substance. I like to think my works represent a document in time to help connect both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to our culture; our past, our present, and our future,” Konstantina said.

“My artwork is heavily rooted in both and my artworks are a physical manifestation of these stories and histories, a document in time to reconnect me to my people, and my people – the Gadigal to our rightful Country.”

Konstantina emphasized the gracious and welcoming nature of the Gadigal people.

“The evidence of this is clear in the way we share our Culture with others, in the way we have welcomed our neighbouring Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal brothers and sisters to our land and resources,” she said.

“We occupy the Country of first Colonial occupation, our numbers have dwindled due to this occupation, introduced illness, scarcity of resource, and outright persecution. We have, and continue to exist.”

Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi Exhibition at NSW Parliament House

The commitment to both her craft and level of cultural storytelling has seen Konstantina’s work widely recognized and awarded. Her solo shows continue to sell out, and her artworks have been featured in international art shows, public spaces, and high-profile commissions.First Nations artist Konstantina. (Image: supplied)

The artworks serve as tangible manifestations of oral histories and academic research, reconnecting the artist and their community to their rightful Country. The exhibition highlights the Gadigal’s graciousness, their welcoming nature towards others, and their resilience despite the challenges posed by colonial occupation, illness, and persecution.

The Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi – yuwing ngubadi exhibition is sponsored at NSW Parliament by member for Ballina, Ms. Tamara Smith.

See Yagu Gadigal dulumi Gadi – yuwing ngubadi on weekdays, between 9 am and 5 pm at NSW Parliament House until 1 August on the Reconciliation Wall. Entry is free.

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