Victoria Launches Treaty Negotiations Database, Marking Historic Step Towards Reconciliation

Victoria Launches Treaty Negotiations Database, Marking Historic Step Towards Reconciliation

Victoria’s Treaty Authority, established to oversee negotiations between the state and First Peoples, has launched a critical tool – the Treaty Negotiations Database. This marks a historic moment, allowing Aboriginal Nations in Victoria to formally request a Treaty with the Australian government for the first time. Victoria Launches Treaty Negotiations Database, Marking Historic Step Towards Reconciliation

Transparency and Accountability at the Forefront

The online database serves as the official starting point for Treaty talks. It will hold details of parties involved in negotiations and their current status. This ensures transparency and accountability throughout the process, benefiting both First Peoples and the Victorian government.

Treaty Authority Oversees the Process

The Treaty Authority, composed of five members, is responsible for maintaining and administering the database. Parties must meet specific criteria to be included.

“This is Live”: A Historic Moment for Reconciliation

Djab Wurrung man and Authority member, Jidah Clark, emphasizes the significance of this launch. “Treaty is something our mob has advocated for generations,” he states. It signifies the potential for addressing historical injustices and building a brighter future for all Victorians.

First Peoples’ Assembly Leads the Way

The First Peoples’ Assembly, representing the voices of Indigenous Victorians, will commence Treaty discussions with the government later this year. They are currently finalizing their priorities through community consultations and state-wide gatherings.

Local Negotiations Supported

While the Assembly negotiates a Treaty encompassing all Victorians, the framework allows individual groups to pursue agreements specific to their traditional lands.

Self-Determination Fund Empowers Local Communities

The First Peoples’ Assembly established a Self-Determination Fund to empower Traditional Owners during their own Treaty negotiations. This fund can be used to manage the process and engage their communities.

On Track for Treaty Negotiations in 2024

Victorian First Peoples Minister Natalie Hutchins confirms the database launch paves the way for negotiations to begin this year.

This initiative signifies Victoria’s commitment to reconciliation through Treaty negotiations, fostering understanding and respect between First Peoples and the state.

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