Unveiling Australia’s Ancient Ritual: Insights from 11,000-Year-Old Artifacts

In the depths of Cloggs Cave, a profound discovery sheds light on Australia’s Indigenous heritage. An ancient ritual stick, crafted from a Casuarina tree branch and adorned with lipid residues, unveils a tradition passed down through 500 generations. This artifact, untouched by time since its ceremonial use, offers a glimpse into the practices of Aboriginal peoples, who have thrived in Australia for over 65,000 years.

The meticulous details of the stick—its trimmings, miniature size of the fire, and the presence of smeared fat—reveal that its purpose extended beyond mere sustenance. Excavations further reveal a second miniature fireplace, adorned similarly with organic remains, attesting to the continuity and significance of these rituals in the cultural fabric of ancient Australia.

This discovery not only enriches our understanding of Aboriginal history but also underscores the resilience and continuity of the oldest living cultures on Earth. It invites us to appreciate the depth of knowledge and traditions that have endured across millennia, shaping the identity and heritage of Indigenous Australians to this day.

Source: https://www.waikato.ac.nz/news-events/news/oldest-living-culture-our-new-research-shows-an-indigenous-ritual-passed-down-for-500-generations/

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