Ripple Effect Band Releases Official Music Video for 2023 Single, “Loving and Caring”

Ripple Effect Band Releases Official Music Video for 2023 Single, "Loving and Caring"

Ripple Effect Band has released the official music video for their 2023 single, “Loving and Caring.” Hailing from Maningrida in the Northern Territory’s West Arnhem Land, this all-female band has gained national acclaim for their music, which celebrates their land and culture, sung in Ndjébbana, Burarra, Na-kara, and Kune languages. Ripple Effect Band Releases Official Music Video for 2023 Single, “Loving and Caring”

A Heartfelt Tribute

Their latest release, “Loving and Caring,” is a poignant tribute to band member Tara Rostron’s late sister, featuring heartfelt Kune and English lyrics. “I wanted to give some people ideas and make them change a bit, inspiring them to stop thinking about the past,” Rostron shared. “Something like a new voice and it’s a good message. About how to make people stay positive rather than sitting around and wondering and too much thinking and worrying.”

Showcasing Maningrida’s Beauty

Co-directed by Jodie Kell, Tara Rostron, Kai McGilvray, and Anje Rosendell-Piper, the music video showcases scenes from Maningrida, spanning from the Kune escarpment to the Dhukurrdji coast. The video features Sethlena Olsen from the Maningrida Dance Group, embodying hope and positivity for the community’s youth.

Lead guitarist, songwriter, and producer Jodie Kell expressed the band’s sentiments: “We released the song as a tribute to Tara’s sister who took her own life in June 2023. She is in our hearts, and we remember her when we hear this song. We are now excited to follow up one year later with the music video.”

Supported by the Bush Music Fund

Supported by the Bush Music Fund, the video reflects Ripple Effect’s journey and ongoing impact, spotlighting their rise from Maningrida to stages across Australia.

Upcoming Northern Territory Tour

Ripple Effect Band has announced a Northern Territory tour alongside the release. The band is set to perform in Maningrida on 25 July, at Humpty Doo’s Daminmin Festival on 27 July, headlining NT Music Awards winning venue Bustard Town on 1 August, and appearing at Tennant Creek’s Desert Harmony Festival on August 4 and 5. Tickets for their highly anticipated live shows can be purchased here.

A Trailblazing Journey

Ripple Effect Band has earned widespread acclaim for pioneering new ground and sound, becoming the first women from their community to play instruments and form their own band. They launched their career with tours to Arnhem Land Bak’bididi and Gattjirrk Festivals in 2017 before traveling to Eora/Sydney to record their debut EP, Wárrwarra. Collaborating with producers Paul Mac, Clint Bracknell, and longtime collaborator Jodie Kell has helped the band cement their unique musical footprint.

The band continues its mission to encourage Indigenous women and people of all backgrounds to take pride in their identity and heritage. Through their beautifully composed songs, meaningful lyrics, and talented lineup of musicians, Ripple Effect Band embodies their belief in the transformative power of music.

Watch the “Loving and Caring” Music Video

Experience the heartfelt tribute and captivating visuals of Ripple Effect Band’s latest single, “Loving and Caring,” by watching the official music video here.

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