Launceston’s Mudlark Theatre Company Premieres New Tasmanian Production by Indigenous Artists

Launceston's Mudlark Theatre Company Premieres New Tasmanian Production by Indigenous Artists

Launceston’s Mudlark Theatre Company is set to present the premiere of a groundbreaking new Tasmanian theatre production by two Indigenous artists. Curated by award-winning Palawa artist Nathan Maynard and Murri-born, Hobart-raised Wakka Wakka artist Rob Braslin, The Box promises to be a relentlessly real, daringly comic, and profoundly moving theatre experience. This production uncovers the painful truths and actions that define one family’s existence inside a government experiment. Launceston’s Mudlark Theatre Company Premieres New Tasmanian Production by Indigenous Artists

Launceston's Mudlark Theatre Company Premieres New Tasmanian Production by Indigenous Artists

The Story of The Box

Set in the fictional housing commission suburb of Bowendale, The Box draws viewers into the home and family of a single mother, Mandy, and her two hardened ‘Bowey boy’ sons. This complex and compelling family drama rages at the fragility of lives balanced on a knife’s edge, revealing the courage it takes for many to persist and survive, let alone ‘dream outside the box’. The story is portrayed with a blend of relentless realism, daring comedy, and profound emotion, uncovering the painful truths and actions that shape one family’s existence within a government experiment.

Co-writer and director Nathan Maynard emphasizes the importance of this story, stating, “This story needs to be told because theatre is not a safe space for people from housing commission areas. It’s never going to be a safe space until we see ourselves onstage.”

Mudlark Theatre’s Commitment to Authenticity

Based in Launceston on the banks of Tamar River, Mudlark is an artist-led theatre company dedicated to producing authentic new Australian theatre that aims to inspire and challenge audiences and the next generation of regional theatre-makers.

Mudlark’s artistic director, Jane Johnson, highlights the collaborative nature of the production: “The Box has been three years in the making and is a deeply collaborative theatre work. Over this time, we’ve had the privilege of working with the exceptional talent and vision of Nathan Maynard and Rob Braslin, alongside a remarkable creative team, to realize the production.”

A Deeply Personal and Complex Story

The Box is described as a deeply personal and complex story of one Australian family, written with care, compassion, humor, and a deep love and knowledge of the characters. “Nathan and Rob have created a bold contemporary Australian theatre work, a story not currently being seen on our stages, featuring an incredible team of Tasmanian artists. It is surprising, compelling, ‘must-see theatre,'” Ms. Johnson said.

Mudlark asserts that The Box is relentlessly real and achingly human, with some very confronting content. However, it is also a theatre experience filled with love, humor, and hope. Narratives such as The Box have been marginalized from Tasmania’s mainstream theatre experience, and this project seeks to address this profound imbalance of voices and galvanize action.

Premiering at the Earl Arts Centre

The Box will premiere at the Earl Arts Centre in Launceston before touring to Burnie and Hobart. This show is presented by Theatre North, Theatre Royal, and Burnie Arts, and is a landmark theatre event in Tasmania.

The Box Show Details:



  • Venue: Town Hall, Burnie Arts Centre
  • Dates: 31 July – 1 August
  • Tickets:


The Box is co-written by Rob Braslin and Nathan Maynard (Image: Tasmanian Times).

Don’t miss the chance to witness this bold, contemporary Australian theatre work that challenges the status quo and brings marginalized voices to the forefront. Get your tickets now and be part of a transformative theatre experience.

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