Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ) Festival Returns in 2024 with Exciting Lineup

Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ) Festival Returns in 2024 with Exciting Lineup

North Queensland’s vibrant contemporary arts festival, Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ), is set to return in 2024, showcasing an impressive array of local, national, and international artists. From August 1-18, 2024, PUNQ will transform the landscapes of Gurambilbarra (Townsville), Yunbenun (Magnetic Island), Warrgamay, Nywaigi (Bandjin Country) Hinchinbrook, and Gudjal Country (Charters Towers) into creative hubs. Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ) Festival Returns in 2024 with Exciting Lineup

Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ) Festival Returns in 2024 with Exciting Lineup

A Celebration of Art, Culture, and Landscape

PUNQ 2024 promises a diverse program of dynamic works, live events, and innovative performances that celebrate the unique landscapes and cultural heritage of North Queensland. The festival is dedicated to supporting cultural exchange and providing attendees with unique artistic experiences.

Queensland Minister for the Arts, Quandamooka woman Leeanne Enoch, highlighted the festival’s significance: “PUNQ 2024 offers a unique opportunity to experience North Queensland’s stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and compelling stories through contemporary arts. This festival will invite people to connect with this remarkable region through thought-provoking works that reflect and help define our state’s cultural identity.”

She added, “The Queensland Government is proud to support PUNQ 2024, which helps deliver on our Creative Together strategy and its priorities to activate Queensland places and spaces, elevate First Nations arts, share our stories, and celebrate our storytellers.”

Amplifying Indigenous Voices

A key focus of PUNQ 2024 is amplifying the Indigenous voices of North Queensland. Manbarra Traditional Owner and community leader Vicki Saylor, along with award-winning photographer and videographer Pippa Samaya, will present “Waymaker,” a billboard exhibition showcasing portraits of Indigenous Elders and their stories along regional highways.

Gail Mabo, an internationally recognized Meriam artist and daughter of Eddie Koiki Mabo, will unveil a new public artwork that highlights the history of South Sea Islander indentured labor in North Queensland. This piece promises to be a powerful reflection on the region’s complex history and cultural heritage.

International and National Highlights

PUNQ 2024 will also feature international interdisciplinary artist Anida Yoeu Ali (Cambodia/USA), who will debut “The Red Chador: Stranded,” a Studio Revolt film shot in Gurambilbarra/Townsville in 2021. Ali commented on the work’s timely relevance: “This work honors a geo-political moment in which Muslim bodies are literally being bombed to bits, particularly women and children, and it is part of a much bigger historical struggle in which occupation and militarism have devastated entire populations and lands.”

Japanese Australian artist Elysha Rei, based in Meanjin (Brisbane), will explore narratives of cultural identity through a site-specific paper-cutting installation called “Kiri-edo.” This exhibition will be staged within Yeddo, a traditional Japanese house shipped to Wargamay Country (Ingham) over 136 years ago, marking it as the oldest and finest-known example of its architectural style in Australia. Rei expressed her excitement: “It’s an honor to craft this installation at the Japanese house, drawing upon my own heritage and the long-standing history between Japan and Australia. It will be one of my most poignant projects to date.”

Join the Celebration

PUNQ 2024 runs from August 1-18 at various locations across North Queensland. This biennial festival is a celebration of contemporary art, cultural heritage, and community, offering attendees a chance to engage with thought-provoking works and dynamic performances in some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the vibrant arts and culture of North Queensland.

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