Titans Sweating on Jayden Campbell’s Hand Injury After Record-Breaking Performance

Titans Sweating on Jayden Campbell’s Hand Injury After Record-Breaking Performance

The Gold Coast Titans are anxiously awaiting the results of scans on Jayden Campbell’s right hand following their emphatic 66-6 victory over the New Zealand Warriors. Campbell, who broke the club’s all-time point-scoring record during the match, sustained the injury early on but continued to play, contributing significantly to the team’s success. Titans Sweating on Jayden Campbell’s Hand Injury After Record-Breaking Performance

Assistant coach Jimmy Lenihan revealed that Campbell injured his hand in the first few minutes of the game. Despite this, Campbell displayed remarkable resilience, kicking 11 goals and scoring a try, amassing a personal tally of 26 points.

“Jayden did it in the first five or ten minutes of the game. He’s always been tough. When I coached at Burleigh and he was in the under-20s, I used to get the forwards to smash him up in opposed sessions, and he was up for it. He was brave back then,” Lenihan said.

Post-match, Campbell’s hand was significantly swollen, prompting concerns about a potential fracture. “The physios weren’t sure, but they thought he might have a slight fracture in his hand,” Lenihan told AAP. “It might be that or an exploded blood vessel, but he will get scans.”

The Titans are hopeful the injury is minor, as Campbell has already endured a challenging season. He missed the pre-season due to a dislocated kneecap, returned for three games, then suffered a PCL injury, sidelining him for two months. This match marked his third game back, and he was beginning to regain momentum.

“Jayden has had a disrupted year after not having a pre-season after he dislocated his kneecap,” Lenihan said. “Hopefully this (injury) won’t keep him out for long, or at all.”

Des Hasler’s Confidence in Campbell

Last week, Titans coach Des Hasler expressed his confidence in Campbell’s potential as a long-term five-eighth, despite criticism following his performance against Wests Tigers. Campbell acknowledged the mental and physical challenges of returning from injury and adapting to a new role.

“People seem to forget that I’ve only played two games there,” Campbell said. “I’m coming back from two knee injuries, so people don’t understand that footy is not just a physical game, it’s a mental game too. I just needed time to find my stride.”

Campbell is optimistic that his record-breaking performance will boost his confidence. “I am hoping to pick up a lot of confidence from this game, but I know myself, the player I am, and where I can play. Having Des back me gives me a lot of confidence and makes me want to play my best footy for him.”

A Historic Achievement

Campbell’s flawless goal-kicking performance, with 11 goals, set a new record for the Titans. Reflecting on his achievement, Campbell credited his success to the guidance of goal-kicking coach Andrew Hill and assistant coach Brad Davis.

“So growing up, I’ve always been a goal kicker, but we’ve got a fellow named Hilly (Andrew Hill) come in this year … a goal kicking coach,” Campbell said. “He comes in and he helps us a lot. He’s just given me a few pointers, but if I think too much about it, that’s when I start to miss goals. He just tells me to make sure my run-in is smooth and just kick the ball really. (Assistant coach) Brad Davis, he’s helped me a lot too. So I really appreciate both of them.”

As the Titans await the results of Campbell’s scans, the team and fans alike are hoping for good news, eager to see their star player continue to shine on the field.

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