Proud Wiradjuri Woman Brittany Swales Honoured for Accomplishments in Horticulture

Proud Wiradjuri Woman Brittany Swales Honoured for Accomplishments in Horticulture

Proud Wiradjuri woman Brittany Swales has recently garnered recognition for her remarkable achievements, being honoured with a TAFE NSW Gili Award and named a finalist for Aboriginal Student of the Year at the NSW Training Awards. Proud Wiradjuri Woman Brittany Swales Honoured for Accomplishments in Horticulture

The TAFE NSW Gili Awards celebrate the successes of Aboriginal students, staff, and pioneering programs that positively impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Ms. Swales was acknowledged in the Agribusiness Student of the Year division following her successful completion of a Certificate III in Horticulture at TAFE NSW Padstow.

A Passion Rooted in Nature

Ms. Swales’ decision to enrol in the horticulture course stemmed from a lifelong passion for plants and the environment. “Since I was a little kid, I have always been at home in the garden and passionate about preserving our environment. However, taking care of two small children has meant my passions have taken a back seat for a few years,” she shared.

Her deep connection to the land and commitment to environmental sustainability drive her ambitions. “I want this planet to live on for years to come and know it is in the hands of my generation to make that happen.”

Stepping Stones to a Career in Environmental Science

Completing the Certificate III in Horticulture has paved the way for Ms. Swales to pursue her dream of becoming an Environmental Scientist. With a projected eight percent increase in employment opportunities for Environmental Scientists in Australia by 2028, she is now enrolled in the Certificate IV in Tertiary Studies to further her education and achieve her career goals.

“Studying at TAFE NSW has given me the confidence to complete my HSC equivalent, which means I will then be able to apply to study an Environment Science degree,” said Ms. Swales. “My passion is to one day help develop solutions to the environmental issues impacting our society.”

Recognition and Future Prospects

Ms. Swales’ dedication and hard work have left a lasting impression on her teacher, Tony Momi, who extended an invitation to her to consider applying for the position of Assistant Technical Officer at the Padstow campus.

“TAFE NSW strives to create a learning environment that supports and inspires our students. Brittany’s achievements in the Certificate III in Horticulture highlight the benefits of hands-on, industry-focused training,” Mr. Momi said. “It’s great to see how flexible learning options have allowed Brittany to balance her personal responsibilities while pursuing her career goals. I’m confident she will make great contributions to environmental sustainability in the future.”

Brittany Swales’ journey is a testament to the power of education, passion, and dedication. Her recognition at the TAFE NSW Gili Awards and the NSW Training Awards underscores her commitment to her cultural heritage and environmental sustainability. As she continues her studies and embarks on a career in Environmental Science, Ms. Swales is poised to make significant contributions to her community and the broader field of environmental preservation.

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