Louise Jane: Blending Art and Culture in Makeup Artistry

Louise Jane: Blending Art and Culture in Makeup Artistry

Similar to most careers within the creative industry, makeup artistry requires attention to detail, a creative mind, and a passion for social engagement. For Mildura-based makeup artist Louise Jane, these qualities are intrinsic to her identity and career. A proud Narungga/Kaurna woman, Jane was raised on Latji Latji/Barkindji Country in Victoria, where she now works as a self-taught makeup artist and the proud owner of Lou Jane Makeup. Louise Jane: Blending Art and Culture in Makeup Artistry

Louise Jane: Blending Art and Culture in Makeup Artistry

A Creative Journey

Jane’s venture into the beauty industry began as a hobby, where her passion for makeup and her creative eye naturally flourished. This hobby soon transformed into a full-time career, leading her to open her own studio in 2023.

“From a young age, I have always had an eye for creativity and a passion for makeup,” Jane told Style Up. “I began by doing makeup for friends and family for events. I thought that my knowledge and skills were common. However, it soon became evident that not everyone shared my level of expertise, and I realised I had a real talent.”

Her leap of faith in opening her studio has paid off. “Taking a leap of faith, I opened my own studio at the end of 2023, and my business has flourished rapidly ever since. I think when you really love and are passionate about what you do, everything falls into place.”

Rising Recognition

Despite 2024 being her first year of studio ownership, Jane has already attracted significant interest from both local and national clients, including notable brands like Jo Mercer.

“I’m still in my first year of owning my studio and working as an artist, but I’m already being approached by big brands like Jo Mercer,” she shared. “It’s incredible to see my work gaining recognition and to feel the impact of my efforts.”

Balancing Roles

In addition to managing her successful business, Jane is a dedicated mother to two young boys, Luca and Reign. Balancing her roles as a mother and a business owner, she brings the same passion to both aspects of her life. “I juggle my roles with passion,” she said.

Advocating for Representation

Jane is also vocal about the need for greater representation and opportunities for First Nations makeup artists. While acknowledging some positive shifts, she believes more can be done to support and promote Indigenous talent in the industry.

“I do notice that opportunities for First Nations makeup artists are lacking,” she noted. “While there have been some positive shifts, there is still a need for more opportunities and greater representation in the industry. I would love to see more initiatives that support and promote First Nations talent.”

Living in a beautiful country town, Jane acknowledges that it sometimes limits growth opportunities. However, she remains optimistic and determined to expand her reach.

Future Aspirations

For the remainder of 2024, Jane aims to grow her business further by breaking into editorial and runway opportunities. “Next, I’ll be focusing on building my portfolio and working more on my artistry skills. I have several exciting local collaborations lined up. I am aspiring to travel and break into fashion runways and editorial shoots.”

She also plans to work more closely with her First Nations community to showcase their culture and heritage through her makeup artistry. “Additionally, I would love to work more with my [First Nations] community to showcase our culture and heritage through my makeup artistry.”

Heading Towards Peak Success

Celebrated for her artistic skill, attention to detail, and tailored experience for each client, Jane is showing no signs of slowing down. With a passion for the industry, a growing client list, and a broad business vision, this creative makeup artist is on the path to peak success.

Follow Louise Jane’s journey and support her mission to blend art and culture in makeup artistry.

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