Unique Indigenous Climb of the Story Bridge Set to Launch in Brisbane

Unique Indigenous Climb of the Story Bridge Set to Launch in Brisbane

Later this year, a unique Indigenous climb of the Story Bridge will immerse tourists in the rich history, art, culture, and future of Meanjin (Brisbane). This initiative is a collaboration between the Story Bridge Adventure Climb and local Indigenous artists and tourism operators, promising an experience that blends adventure with deep cultural education. Unique Indigenous Climb of the Story Bridge Set to Launch in Brisbane

A Cultural Collaboration

The Story Bridge Indigenous Climb is a partnership between Birrunga Gallery and Howard Smith Wharves, designed to enhance Queensland’s Indigenous tourism and hospitality experiences. Birrunga Gallery, a key cultural hub showcasing Aboriginal and contemporary art, was founded by Birrunga Wiradyuri, a Wiradyuri man and the gallery’s principal artist.

“Storytelling is an important part of Indigenous culture across Australia,” Mr. Wiradyuri said. “Creating this experience with my friends and colleagues has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting process.”

Unique Indigenous Climb of the Story Bridge Set to Launch in Brisbane

An Immersive Experience

The Indigenous Bridge Climb offers an immersive experience guided by Indigenous storytellers who share narratives spanning thousands of years, interweaving history, Country, and culture. Beyond the climb, tourists can learn about Indigenous culture through various curated experiences. These include an Indigenous food platter featuring crocodile and kangaroo with native herbs and spices, and workshops at the Birrunga Gallery.

The Birrunga Gallery Cultural Creative Development Program will provide culturally immersive experiences such as boomerang painting workshops, artist talks, and Importance of Place workshops.

“Painting is my medium of choice to capture my history, my story and my thoughts,” Mr. Wiradyuri explained. “Importantly, it also provides an informal educational opportunity for our guests to explore traditional painting techniques and explore challenges in the industry like the fake art trade.”

“Our goal is simple: it’s to provide a safe, inclusive and creative space to immerse yourself in the history, tradition and practices of First Nations Australians.”

A Step Forward for Indigenous Tourism

This special climb is a collaborative effort between the Story Bridge Adventure Climb and local Indigenous artists. Howard Smith Wharves Chief Executive Luke Fraser expressed pride in partnering with local Indigenous tourism operators to deliver this innovative and impactful experience.

“I’m incredibly passionate about championing Indigenous-owned businesses and leaders in our community,” Mr. Fraser said. “It’s a privilege to partner with talented leaders who are excited by the opportunity to showcase First Nations culture, stories, and connections across our tourism and hospitality offerings in Queensland.”

“This is such a positive step forward for our city and for arts and tourism in Australia, one that amplifies and centres First Nations culture, knowledge, and custodianship.”

Opening to the Public

The Indigenous Story Bridge Adventure Climb experience is expected to open to the public in August. This initiative not only aims to provide a thrilling adventure but also to deepen understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture among both locals and tourists.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate in this groundbreaking experience that blends adventure with cultural education in the heart of Brisbane.

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