Patty Mills Teams Up with LSKD for New Apparel Range Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Patty Mills Teams Up with LSKD for New Apparel Range Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Australian basketball icon Patty Mills has collaborated with the Australian-owned functional sportswear brand LSKD on a new apparel range, launching ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This collection, prominently featuring Australia’s iconic bottle green and gold hues, pays tribute to legendary Australian Olympians such as Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe, celebrating sporting excellence past, present, and future. Patty Mills Teams Up with LSKD for New Apparel Range Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Patty Mills Teams Up with LSKD for New Apparel Range Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

A Special Partnership

In joining the LSKD team as an LSKD athlete, Mills expressed that the partnership is “super special” to him as he prepares for his fifth Olympic Games. “Obviously not only being Australian, but the values that LSKD have throughout their workplace aligns very well with who I am, who me and Alyssa are, and who Team Mills is as well and what we try to accomplish on a day-to-day basis no matter what we do,” said Mills, a Kokatha, Naghiralgal, and Duarureb-Meriam man.

“I have been looking forward to this for a long time and this is obviously going to inspire this group here, but hopefully it can inspire a whole country as well as we chase the vibe to Paris.”

Patty Mills Teams Up with LSKD for New Apparel Range Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Inspirational Mantra

Mills’ mantra, “can’t touch my destiny,” is prominently featured on many items in the range, symbolising the journey of carving one’s path while honoring the trailblazers before. “Can’t touch my destiny comes from you being able to understand what your destiny is and also understanding that you’re in control of that, whatever that is…whatever life throws at you…you’re able to deflect that, keep your eye on the prize, head down and be in full control of your own destiny,” Mills explained.

Celebrating Australian Spirit

The collection embodies Australia’s spirit and sporting pride, represented through topographical prints, patterns, and textures. The collaboration celebrates the resilience and dedication of Australian sporting legends, embracing the spirit of being one percent better every day.

LSKD creative director Dylan Osborne described the journey of working with Mills from ideation to the finalisation of the collection as a “truly epic and inspirational process.” Osborne noted, “From our early discussions, it was evident how strong Patty’s pride and passion for Australian Olympic history were. I could genuinely feel how much representing Australia in the green and gold meant to him. We wanted to capture that essence and use it as inspiration for this collection without making it feel like a uniform.”

Key Elements of the Collection

Osborne highlighted that LSKD incorporated three main elements into this collection: the faded greens and yellows, the outback topographic print, and Mills’ ‘can’t touch my destiny’ mantra. “I am incredibly proud of the whole team for how we brought this together and delivered something special,” he said.

“Working with athletes like Patty, who align so clearly with LSKD’s mission and values, is truly rewarding and motivates us to continue creating impactful products and moments like this.”

Launch Details

The Patty Mills x LSKD collection is available starting Thursday, 13 June at 5pm AEST. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of this inspiring collection that celebrates Australian heritage, resilience, and the spirit of sporting excellence.

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