Lilly Luchich: A Heartfelt Journey from Diagnosis to Design

Lilly Luchich: A Heartfelt Journey from Diagnosis to Design

Proud Larrakia girl, Lilly Luchich, was diagnosed with a heart murmur and two holes in her heart at just five days old. One of the holes was caused by a valve that failed to close after birth, known as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Lilly Luchich: A Heartfelt Journey from Diagnosis to Design

Lilly Luchich: A Heartfelt Journey from Diagnosis to Design

When Lilly was born, her mother Chantelle was informed that she would require keyhole surgery at around six months of age. However, during the procedure at nine months, surgeons uncovered another critical problem: her lung veins were improperly connected to her heart, a condition known as total anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR).

Residing in Darwin, Lilly and her mother recently received an honor: an invitation from Supercheap Auto to collaborate with Indigenous artist William Hewitt and the non-profit organisation HeartKids in designing remarkable Supercar livery.

A nationwide effort is underway as heroes gather to increase awareness and raise crucial funds for childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD). In its tenth year, HeartKids is urging Australians to participate in the annual fundraising campaign, Hero for HeartKids, by dressing up, making donations, and embracing their inner superhero on Friday, June 14.

Lilly Luchich: A Heartfelt Journey from Diagnosis to Design

Lilly’s Design for the Supercars Darwin Round

Lilly’s artwork, created for Supercheap Auto’s 888 Chevrolet Camaro Supercar, is set to compete in the upcoming Supercars Darwin round. This race marks a special occasion as it commemorates the 2024 Hero for HeartKids fundraising campaign.

The design, known as ‘Heartwork,’ showcases symbols of Lilly and her family’s Larrakia community, their ties to culture and ancestral heritage, as well as acknowledgments to ancestors from the past and present. Handprints symbolize Lilly’s journey with childhood-onset heart disease, while circular communities emphasize the unwavering support she has received from her mother, father Derrin, brother Noah, and the extended family.

HeartKids: Supporting Families and Advancing Research

HeartKids is Australia’s only not-for-profit organisation supporting all those impacted by CoHD, which is currently the number one cause of death for infants under the age of one in Australia. Over two hundred precious lives are lost each year, and one baby is born every three hours with the disease. There is still no cure.

Individuals and teams can still register online for Hero for HeartKids to begin their fundraising journey. There are numerous possibilities to create a positive influence, such as garnering support from coworkers, involving customers, or engaging the wider community.

The funds collected through the Hero for HeartKids campaign will enable HeartKids to offer vital support within hospitals and communities, as well as contribute to research endeavors focused on comprehending CoHD, promoting early intervention, and ultimately discovering a cure.

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